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Welcome To Travel.World-Eats

A completely subjective, opinionated,  travel site. 

Developed so we can remember where we went when people ask. 

You're welcome. 

"Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before.” - The Dalai Lama


Its a simple concept. is what happens when you love to travel, to explore, to eat and enjoy what the world has to offer. This website is a thank you to all the people we've met who have made our lives richer.

For years we've been traveling, taking notes, snapping photos, collecting cards. Then we come home with sandy maps and tattered cards  and everything gets thrown in a pile. is scratching a mighty itch to have a place to share some of our riches with you.

Been anywhere fun? Comments & suggestions happily accepted.


The best travel companions are the people who plan their next meal while eating a meal.