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Eat in Vasto

We were late. We were hungry. We were in the ‘danger zone’ where we might be too late for lunch and this creates all sorts of stress. The ristorante was right below our hotel and it was a little quiet at lunchtime, and Don Magnifico may have been a little sleepy, but the chef sure can cook.…

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Eating in Montone

wine montone,

Lots of good options for eating in the village of Montone! In alphabetical order, because we live in a small  town. Antica Osteria: Located in the main piazza. In the summer, dine outside. In the cooler months, dine in the upstairs dining with room that has a spectacular view of the Umbrian countryside. Known for…

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Eating in Sifnos

The food is good! Of course there is fish and shrimp (but no clams or mussels), but there is also a surprising amount of meat. Stews of lamb, goat, and rabbit called ‘mastelo’ after the name of the earthen pot are quite common and delicious. Here’s more background on mastelo and some recipes. Sifnos is…

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Eating in Pireaus

When we are near the sea, we only want to eat fish. When you are in the busy port of Pireaus, staying overnight to catch a ferry the next day, you want to eat good seafood. Our most helpful and joyful hotel receptionist suggested we take a taxi to the Mikrolimano section of Pireaus. Good…

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Eating in Valencia

You are by sea! Eat fish! Live longer! Then have some paella! El Rall Set in a picturesque square, with fair prices and good, fresh food, its no wonder the locals like to eat here. Seems like they even have apartments to rent, so you never are far from a glass of wine or some…

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Eating in Madrid

Stuffed olives,

In General: Slow down your day. Dinner is late, kicking into gear around 21:00 (9:00 pm). Most restaurants seem to shut down around midnight. Breakfast is also late: God forbid you want a coffee at 7:30 or 8:00.  Coffee is not my style at all….Americano style (i.e. weak and thin) with hot milk. Churros (fried, extruded…

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