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Do Stuff in Vasto

Vasto, Trabucco

It was our first visit to Vasto, and I’m hoping it won’t be our last. Vasto is a charming, very ancient (1300 BC) small city perched above the sea. Unfortunately the ground has a way of sliding into the sea in this area and in 1956 a significant chunk of the ‘centro storico’ Vasto slid…

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Do Stuff in Sifnos


Go play in the sea! That’s what you came for! There are sandy beaches and rocky beaches and paths to get to them, so pick your fun. There are also 365 monasteries in Sifnos, so plan to say awhile if visiting monasteries is your thing. Sifnos is criss-crossed by an exceptional trail system. Sinos Trails…

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Do Stuff in Pireaus


It’s a funny place. Basically, the tourists are either waiting to get on a ferry or cruise or they’ve just come off a ferry. So, it’s a waiting-in-limbo sort of town.  The town is absolutely ugly. It reminded us of Taipei in the late 1970’s. Not a pretty picture with molding concrete buildings, overflowing trash…

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Do Stuff in Valencia

do stuff in valencia,

Great city for walking, biking and beaching! The city is pretty much dead flat, so biking around is a great option. We highly recommend Luke is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, so you’ll be in good hands. Mercat Central: Visiting the local market is the quickest way to tap into the culture of a city.…

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Doing Stuff in Madrid

Walk. Walk a lot. Look up. Marvel at the buildings. Crespo, The Espadrille Store: It looked closed forever when we were there, but Google says its still open. Allegedly the oldest espadrille store in Madrid.  **Update: It IS open. Push thru what looks like a window, which is really a door, and you will be…

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