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Cooking In Madrid

Tastes to Try at Home

Black squid ink paella, squid ink paella: your basic paella but made with squid ink and slices of squid. Served with garlic mayonnaise (aioli) on the side. The aioli was pure white and we had a dinner debate about whether or not it contained whole eggs. My take is that it is commercial mayonnaise with a whole lot of garlic. Works like a charm.  Kitchen hack: puree a whole head of garlic at a time and store in olive oil. Use with abandon.

Crazy stuffed olives: let your imagination by your guide, but you need giant pitted olives.

Pan con tomat: Basically ground fresh tomatoes, shows up everywhere and at every meal. Summer kitchen hack: grind up a bunch of fresh tomatoes and keep in the fridge. Instant tomato anything.

Baby squid with baby fava beans: a stewy mess of divine goodness. Secret seems to be finding pre-natal squid & fava beans. Not much luck on that front.

Stuffed olives,

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