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Do Stuff in Sifnos

Go play in the sea! That’s what you came for!

Kastro Monastery, Sifnos are sandy beaches and rocky beaches and paths to get to them, so pick your fun. There are also 365 monasteries in Sifnos, so plan to say awhile if visiting monasteries is your thing.

Sifnos is criss-crossed by an exceptional trail system. Sinos Trails is an excellent website for complete trail info.

Sifnos walking trail, trails range from well maintained walking paths to little more that rocky goat trails, so read the maps and understand what you are in for. We took a long hike up a steep hillside in the high heat of the day and it was not fun. Bring extra water and remember you still have to hike out. That being said, the paths are a delightful way to get from one beach or village to the next. Panoramic views, friendly goats, windmills, cool shade and hot sun all can be found while walking at a leisurely pace.

Faros became our go-to beach because of the fine sand and nearby excellent restaurants. But all the beaches deserve to be explored. It is a windy island, so check with locals about which beaches might be best based on the winds.

Shopping is your basic island type tourist shopping although Sifnos is known for their pottery. And if you make it out to the wild and wooly north end of the island (Heronissos) be sure to stop in at the potters shop. You’re in for a mysterious treat!   There is a sandy swimming beach in the port of Heronissos village, but also follow the trail over to the rocky side which may have calmer water.Sinfos,,,

Getting to and around Sifnos: 

Ferries: There are 2 or 3 ferry lines that leave from Pireaus. seems to have the most accurate and up to date info and they don’t charge a massive booking fee like some of the other ferry booking services. Transit time is about 3 hours.  (From Athens airport to Pireaus port allow at least an hour of taxi travel time as traffic can be quite slow.)

sifnos taxis, on Sifnos: There are exactly 10 taxis on the island. If you want a taxi you need to call each taxi individually. The concept of a central booking number hasn’t arrived on the island. Plan ahead because if a ferry is coming in you won’t be able to book a taxi for love nor money. Most restaurants or hotels will be happy to make the calls for you which is a blessing if you don’t speak Greek!

Rent a car or scooter:  There are a few rental companies on the island and it makes sense to rent some sort of transportation to get around; however, due to a recent change in Greek law, you must have an international drivers license. In the US, you can get an international drivers license at any AAA office.

Buses: There is a good public bus system; however it does not run that frequently. You need to know the schedule. has the full bus schedule.

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