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Drinking in Pireaus

Wine & Beer Of Course. But also good cocktails.

Pireaus is not a pretty town but it has some very chic and fab cocktail bars going on.

We opted for Lola’s Bar because who can resist a bar named Lola? Cocktails were well-made and generous. We ate some food, but it was to soak up alcohol and not for actual sustenance. Jeff had a classic old fashioned that was up there with some of the best we’ve had.

Address: 14, 2as Merarchias, Pireas 185 35, Greece

Across the street, and ‘catty corner’ to Lola’s, is an absolutely gorgeous cocktail bar. Don’t know the name. Lots of hanging plants & chi-chi vibe. If anyone goes…report back. Have a feeling its a late night sort of place.

Good news…the coffee in Pireaus is outstanding, so there’s that.


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