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Eat in Vasto

We were late. We were hungry.

We were in the ‘danger zone’ where we might be too late for lunch and this creates all sorts of stress.

The ristorante was right below our hotel and it was a little quiet at lunchtime, and Don Magnifico may have been a little sleepy, but the chef sure can cook.

We started with the cacio ‘cheese balls’’ll see them on the menu. They are fluffy tennis ball size egg/cheese clouds with a simple tomato sauce. Totally addictive. The chef would not give away her secrets on how she achieved this texture, which I respect, but still annoys the hell out of me that I’m not sure how recreate this dish.

The pasta was also a simple tomato based sauce, but incredibly flavourful. Then we shared a simple, classic mixed fish fritura that was one of the best we’ve ever eaten.  Who want rubber eraser rings when you can have a whole gorgeous calamari, slit open for maximum crunch. I confess, we fought a little bit over the calamari.

Dinner time the place was hopping, so reservations might be a good idea.

Don Magnifico

 11, Loggia Amblingh, 66054 Vasto CH

340 571 6102

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