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Welcome To Sifnos!

Καλώς ήρθατε στη Σίφνο!

Verina Astra Sifnos,
Lemanaki Sifnos,

Eating in Sifnos

The food is good! Of course there is fish and shrimp (but no clams or mussels), but there is also a surprising amount of meat. Stews of lamb, goat, and rabbit called ‘mastelo’ after the name of the earthen pot are quite common and delicious. Here’s more background on mastelo and some recipes. Sifnos is…


Its a cat island. Cats are pampered and loved. Dogs are ok, but cats rule.


Drink in Sifnos

Its all about the ouzo. Early on, in this trip, someone insisted that we must drink ouzo. We smiled politely and said, of course we will, and promptly dismissed the idea of high-octane fire water. Then we had an adventure where one thing led to another that led to ouzo.  One afternoon, after a big…


Do Stuff in Sifnos

Go play in the sea! That’s what you came for! There are sandy beaches and rocky beaches and paths to get to them, so pick your fun. There are also 365 monasteries in Sifnos, so plan to say awhile if visiting monasteries is your thing. Sifnos is criss-crossed by an exceptional trail system. Sinos Trails…

Verina Astra, Sifnos,

Sleeping in Sifnos

From funky to deluxe all options are available on Sifnos. We were a celebrating group of family and friends and we went deluxe. The exclusive Verina Astra is located on one of the high spots on the island, within close walking distance to the villages of  Artemonas and Apollonia. Down a dusty white road, the…

Verina Astra, Sifnos

The Map

Link to our map of Sifnos: 
Expanding the map will give you all the names and addresses of the places we visited.  Enjoy. Send us recommendations!