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Sleeping in Pireaus

Pireaus is a one-night stand sort of place.

More shabby than chic, the city caters to people either coming or going from the various ferries and cruises.

We wound up at the Pireaus Dream Hotel.

Not exactly my dream hotel, but it adequately served its purpose. Clean, comfortable, air conditioned with a spectacularly friendly and helpful front desk receptionist. Being absolutely clueless about saying anything in Greek, she gave us our most-critical-words (yes = ne)  language cheat sheet that was invaluable. Her advice? Say “sagaolqo” everyday to your spouse (I love you).

Its down a dingy, narrow side street, near the ferry port no. 9 gate. The hotel will arrange a transfer from the airport for 50 euros which is pretty close to what you would pay a taxi.

Pireaus Dream Hotel

Address: Notara 78-80 Pireaus

Phone: 0030 2104110555

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