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Cooking In Madrid

Tastes to Try at Home Black squid ink paella: your basic paella but made with squid ink and slices of squid. Served with garlic mayonnaise (aioli) on the side. The aioli was pure white and we had a dinner debate about whether or not it contained whole eggs. My take is that it is commercial…

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Sleeping in Madrid

Tons of hotels, air bnbs…all that you would expect from a major European city. We stayed at the Hostal Central Palace Madrid. Don’t let the word “Hostal” throw you..this isn’t your backpacker’s hostel by any means.  The hotel is discreetly set into a building that borders the massive and stunning Royal Palace of Madrid.  It’s…

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Doing Stuff in Madrid

Walk. Walk a lot. Look up. Marvel at the buildings. Crespo, The Espadrille Store: It looked closed forever when we were there, but Google says its still open. Allegedly the oldest espadrille store in Madrid.  **Update: It IS open. Push thru what looks like a window, which is really a door, and you will be…

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Eating in Madrid

Stuffed olives,

In General: Slow down your day. Dinner is late, kicking into gear around 21:00 (9:00 pm). Most restaurants seem to shut down around midnight. Breakfast is also late: God forbid you want a coffee at 7:30 or 8:00.  Coffee is not my style at all….Americano style (i.e. weak and thin) with hot milk. Churros (fried, extruded…

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Drink in Madrid

vermut, madrid,

There are wine bars everywhere. Spanish wine is very good. Craft beer is everywhere. The bottled water isn’t salty like it is in Barcellona. But you’re here to drink vermut (also know as vermouth and elixir of the gods). Sometimes it comes with an orange slice. Sometimes with a pickled onion. In Barcelona you get…

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