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Cook in Pireaus

It’s all about the stuffed sardines & fried calamari. Stuffed sardines: basically two, open, filleted anchovies or sardines with a savory bread crumb layer. The secret is the charred fish skin. Fried calamari: Tempura type batter with abundant chili pepper. Served on top of a layer of diced watermelon & tomato salad with lots of…

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Do Stuff in Pireaus


It’s a funny place. Basically, the tourists are either waiting to get on a ferry or cruise or they’ve just come off a ferry. So, it’s a waiting-in-limbo sort of town.  The town is absolutely ugly. It reminded us of Taipei in the late 1970’s. Not a pretty picture with molding concrete buildings, overflowing trash…

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Drinking in Pireaus

Wine & Beer Of Course. But also good cocktails. Pireaus is not a pretty town but it has some very chic and fab cocktail bars going on. We opted for Lola’s Bar because who can resist a bar named Lola? Cocktails were well-made and generous. We ate some food, but it was to soak up…

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Eating in Pireaus

When we are near the sea, we only want to eat fish. When you are in the busy port of Pireaus, staying overnight to catch a ferry the next day, you want to eat good seafood. Our most helpful and joyful hotel receptionist suggested we take a taxi to the Mikrolimano section of Pireaus. Good…

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