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Drinking in Pireaus

Wine & Beer Of Course. But also good cocktails. Pireaus is not a pretty town but it has some very chic and fab cocktail bars going on. We opted for Lola’s Bar because who can resist a bar named Lola? Cocktails were well-made and generous. We ate some food, but it was to soak up…

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Drink in Valencia

Drink in Valencia,

Explore the local white wine varietals. Be brave. Taste varietals you won’t taste anywhere else. Look for Merseguera, Malvasia, Pedro Ximenez, or Macebo. Although you can certainly find and enjoy a good Chardonnay, Semillon, or my absolute least favorite: Sauvignon Blanc.  Life is more fun when you taste the local stuff. If your feeling really…

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Drink in Madrid

vermut, madrid,

There are wine bars everywhere. Spanish wine is very good. Craft beer is everywhere. The bottled water isn’t salty like it is in Barcellona. But you’re here to drink vermut (also know as vermouth and elixir of the gods). Sometimes it comes with an orange slice. Sometimes with a pickled onion. In Barcelona you get…

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